A Moonlight Serenade: Austin’s Moonlight and Music Event

Austin knows how to keep things classy. And I truly mean that--there’s always an event going on that’s tailor-made for special occasions, family get-togethers, and romantic nights out. 

On Saturday, April 17th, Austin is preparing a special Moonlight & Music event for everyone to enjoy! This outdoor event will feature a safe socially-distanced atmosphere, along with the kind of pomp and polish you’d expect from an engaging outing in a luxurious bohemian-inspired environment. There will be low-floor seating, dried floral arrangements, twinkle lights, and candlelight--perfect for a date with your special someone!

But let’s not forget about the bigger things. This event will feature gourmet pizza by Marye’s, wine, bubbles, or beer. Plus, guests can enjoy some exquisite live music, along with an available choice of a complimentary bottle of red, rose, and white wine. Vegetarian options will also be available upon request so that everyone can enjoy. 

Austin always knows how to take advantage of the careful balance of weird and unique VS smooth and refined. It’s one of the many reasons why living here is worth every minute. Places like Falls on Bull Creek, Northstar, Park at Crestview, The Reserve, Treehouse, and Woodstone are all worthy residences for anyone looking to become part of Austin’s thriving community.

The Austin Moonlight & Music event costs $65. Masks are required at check-in and can be removed once seated. Reservations will be made by table and the event can accommodate parties of 2-6. The event itself will take place from 6 PM to 9 PM. For additional information about this event, please visit the link HERE.

Treat your loved one to a night you’ll both never forget! Remember that we’re all only young and together for such an achingly brief moment in time. Spend those hours in the lap of luxury at Moonlight & Music!


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